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Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
HVAC Technician12/05/2022Auxiliary (M&O, Transportation)Maintenance and OperationsApply
Fire Protection Technician12/05/2022Auxiliary (M&O, Transportation)Maintenance and OperationsApply
HS Senior Associate12/05/202222.23 CertifiedSmithson Valley High SchoolApply
Long Term Substitute - Special Education Inclusion Teacher12/02/2022Substitute / TutorChurch Hill Middle SchoolApply
Elementary Tutor/Bilingual12/02/2022Substitute / TutorBill Brown Elementary SchoolApply
Administrative Assistant (Senior Associate) - Safety & Security12/01/202222.23 Clerical / ParaprofessionalSafety and SecurityApply
Educational Associate - Special Education (PPCD)12/01/202222.23 Clerical / ParaprofessionalGarden Ridge Elementary SchoolApply
Educational Assistant - Regular Instruction (Physical Education)11/30/202222.23 Clerical / ParaprofessionalIndian Springs Elementary SchoolApply
Educational Associate - General Education (PreK)11/30/202222.23 Clerical / ParaprofessionalStartzville Elementary SchoolApply
Educational Associate - Special Education11/30/2022Clerical / ParaprofessionalFreiheit Elementary SchoolApply
MS Special Education Teacher/Coach11/29/202222.23 CertifiedMountain Valley Middle SchoolApply
Educational Associate - General Education Technology11/29/202222.23 Clerical / ParaprofessionalRebecca Creek Elementary SchoolApply
HS Geometry Teacher11/29/202222.23 CertifiedDavenport High SchoolApply
Spring 2023 Student Teacher11/28/2022Student TeacherStudent Teacher - District WideApply
Kitchen Equipment Technician11/28/2022Auxiliary (M&O, Transportation)Maintenance and OperationsApply
HS Social Studies Teacher11/28/202222.23 CertifiedSmithson Valley High SchoolApply
HS Administrative Assistant11/28/202222.23 Clerical / ParaprofessionalCanyon High SchoolApply
Director of Student Information Services11/28/2022Professional Non Campus Admin (Support Services)Business OfficeApply
Special Education Teacher - Resource/Inclusion11/28/202222.23 CertifiedGarden Ridge Elementary SchoolApply
HS Math Teacher11/28/202222.23 CertifiedDavenport High SchoolApply
Special Education Teacher - Essential Academics11/18/202222.23 CertifiedDavenport High SchoolApply
Educational Assistant - General Education (Title I)11/16/202222.23 Clerical / ParaprofessionalStartzville Elementary SchoolApply
MS Physical Education Teacher/ Girls Coach11/16/202222.23 CertifiedPieper Ranch Middle SchoolApply
MS Spanish 1 / 6th Grade SS CALP (Instruction in Spanish) Teacher11/16/202222.23 CertifiedChurch Hill Middle SchoolApply
Educational Associate (ISS)11/16/202222.23 CertifiedDavenport High SchoolApply
Campus Security Guard11/16/202222.23 Clerical / ParaprofessionalDavenport High SchoolApply
Educational Associate - General Education11/15/202222.23 Clerical / ParaprofessionalMountain Valley Elementary SchoolApply
MS Student Records Specialist11/15/202222.23 Clerical / ParaprofessionalPieper Ranch Middle SchoolApply
HS Math Teacher11/15/202222.23 CertifiedSmithson Valley High SchoolApply
School Crossing Guard11/14/2022Auxiliary (M&O, Transportation)TransportationApply
Homebound Teacher11/14/202222.23 CertifiedSpecial EducationApply
Communication Specialist: Web Content Manager11/14/2022Professional Non Campus Admin (Support Services)CommunicationsApply
2nd Grade Teacher11/14/202222.23 CertifiedStartzville Elementary SchoolApply
Social Studies Tutor11/14/2022Substitute / TutorDavenport High SchoolApply
Science Tutor11/14/2022Substitute / TutorDavenport High SchoolApply
Long Term Substitute - 3rd Grade ELA11/14/202222.23 CertifiedMountain Valley Elementary SchoolApply
Educational Associate (ISS)11/14/202222.23 CertifiedPieper High SchoolApply
Educational Associate - Special Education11/14/202222.23 CertifiedPieper High SchoolApply
Senior Associate - Special Education11/11/202222.23 Clerical / ParaprofessionalSpecial EducationApply
HS Agricultural Science Teacher11/11/202222.23 CertifiedSmithson Valley High SchoolApply
Student Tutor - Math Center11/11/2022Substitute / TutorDavenport High SchoolApply
Student Tutor - Writing Center11/11/2022Substitute / TutorDavenport High SchoolApply
Substitute Teacher (22.23)11/11/2022Substitute / TutorSubstitute - District WideApply
Educational Associate - Special Education Behavior11/09/202222.23 Clerical / ParaprofessionalOak Creek Elementary SchoolApply
HS Science Teacher11/09/202222.23 CertifiedCanyon High SchoolApply
1st Grade Teacher11/09/202222.23 CertifiedGarden Ridge Elementary SchoolApply
Educational Associate - Special Education Dedicated Support11/08/202222.23 Clerical / ParaprofessionalChurch Hill Middle SchoolApply
Dual Language Teacher (22.23 School Year)11/02/202222.23 CertifiedClear Spring Elementary SchoolApply
Educational Associate - SpED - Essential Academics/Behavior11/02/202222.23 Clerical / ParaprofessionalSmithson Valley High SchoolApply
Medicaid Billing Associate11/01/2022Clerical / ParaprofessionalSpecial EducationApply